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Biomechanical Analysis


Current Perception Threshold Evaluation (CPT)
Assesses nerve damage affected by diabetic neuropathy

Diagnostic Ultrasound
Useful in diagnosing soft tissue conditions, i.e. neuroma, plantar fascitis.

X-ray seen in real time. Useful in office surgery and in detecting foreign bodies, i.e. glass, needles.

Vascular Testing
Arterial doppler – a non-invasive device to check circulatory problems.
Venogram – monitors venous insufficiency and detects vein disease and swelling of the lower extremities.


Podiatrists specialize in diagnosing and treating disorders of the foot, ankle, and lower leg.

Podiatrists have expertise in orthopedics, radiography, sports medicine, dermatology, and surgery. Some conditions that podiatrists treat are ankle injuries, bunions, calluses, neuromas, running injuries, and toe deformities. They are often the first health professionals to diagnose vascular problems that have previously gone unrecognized. Podiatrists also contribute significantly to the areas of diabetic foot care, arthritic foot care, and wound healing.


Achilles Repair

Ankle surgery




Custom Foot Orthotics

Diabetic and routine foot care

Cryosurgically remove warts without a surgical procedure.

Laser Therapy
For pain and inflammation

Minimally invasive forefoot and rearfoot surgery (when appropriate)

Neuroma surgery

Radiofrequency lesioning for heel pain, arch pain, and neuromas
Minimally invasive procedure for heel pain and plantar fascitis. 

We also treat corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, and various other foot and ankle conditions.